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About MF

MF Business Advisors is a business solutions consultancy, formed by specialists in healthcare field.


With operations in national and international companies and sectorial entities, we support institutions in challenges in the areas of Management, Marketing, and Finance.


Our purpose is connect companies to solutions that operate in sync with new business contexts and challenges, operational competencies and innovative strategic directions through proprietary methodologies and tools applied to the healthcare sector.

Mission and

Our mission is to connect our customers to solutions that operate in sync with the current and future market scenario. We believe that in this context of changes, our purpose is to act as transforming agents in the Brazilian health system.


We are not just a marketing consultancy.

We are not just a management consultancy.

We are a specialized consultancy.

We are a consultancy that looks beyond business and seeks your connections.

We build brands.

We grow businesses.

Business Experts

We have a thorough knowledge of the heaklthcare market, its challenges and context.


  • A system that seeks its sustainability
  • More health and life quality for patients
  • New experiences combined with advances in technology
  • Great access, reduced costs, and greater efficiency





Digital disruptor
Customized medicine
More regulatory and quality barriers
Greater use of smartphones associates


Aging population
Growth of diseases linked to obesity
Higher incidence of cancer and degenerative diseases
Globalization and rise of emerging countries
Higher risk of global pandemics


Increased awareness and prevention
Increase in private payments
Higher brand value
New go-to-market models


Changes to valuation drivers
Consolidation of the value chain
Commoditization of mature Technologies
Focus on patients outcomes
Role of incremental innovation
Acceleration of the pace of change


Containment of health costs
Growth of inequality and medicine “by class”
Price and profit challenges for pharmaceutical companies
Challenge for the current patent’s system
Great pressure for access to medicines




Executive and Operations Director

Strategist in marketing and communication, Juliane Trevisan has a degree in Social Communication and Journalism, with specializations in Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Digital Strategies, Crisis Management, and others.

With extensive experience in the field of marketing and communication, Juliane has been working for 14 years developing strategies for companies in various sectors with strategic planning, press relations, public relations, digital marketing and events, and has already developed projects for large companies such as Air France - KLM , Brasil Kirin Group, Boticário Group, PSA Group, American Express, Banco Neon, among others.

Executive Director of MF Business Advisors, works in national and international companies, assisting in the challenges of brand positioning and connecting companies to solutions that operate in sync with new business contexts, operational skills and innovative strategic directions.



Strategic consultant in the health service

Strategist in marketing services, Guilherme Ferri has a degree in Advertising and Marketing, with MBA at FGV and specializations at Pennsylvania University, Copenhagen Business School, IE Business School and Rotterdam School of Management.

Guilherme Ferri is founder of MF Business Advisors and his specializations areas for national and international companies are supporting with positioning challenges of brands and connecting businesses with solutions that are linked with the new business world, operational skills and innovative strategic directions.


Andreas Funk

Business Advisor

Graduated in Biomedicine and Postgraduate in Clinical Analysis, Andreas Funk has gained more than 20 years of experience in the commercial area, with a focus on opening new business fronts with public agencies, hospitals, and clinical analysis laboratories.

He worked at Quest Diagnostics in the commercialization of rare exams by the Nichols Institute and has experience as a consultant and supervisor of biomaterials in the field of OPME (acronym used by companies and health professionals in Brazil to refer to Orthoses, Prostheses and Special Materials). Furthermore, he has experience of eight years in Public Administration as a manager of outsourced contracts and tenders.

Claudia Stringher

Business Strategist

Post graduated in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the USP – University of São Paulo, a MBA in Marketing at FEA-USP – Faculty of Economics, Administration, Accounting and Actuaries at the University of São Paulo and specializations in Digital Marketing and Business Strategies at the Columbia Business School, Claudia Stringher has gained over 17 years of working experience in the Life Sciences, Clinical Diagnosis and Medical Devices segments.

Her responsibilities included marketing and product management for a variety of companies that are leaders in their segments in Brazil and Latin America, such as Applied Biosystems, Bio Rad Laboratories, Olympus Medical and Boston Scientific.

Since 2018 Claudia Stringher is a member of MF Marketing and Business Advisors and contributes to market development and strategic planning projects for the introduction of new health products.

Conrado Abreu

Strategy and Business intelligence Advisor

Marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience, interacting with stakeholders globally. Graduated in Advertising at FAAP and with an MBA in Business Management at USP, he has specialization in Competitive and Market Intelligence at FGV and Ibramerc. Conrado has worked in the last 9 years within the healthcare industry (in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and the United States) leading Insights/Intelligence areas and developing projects focused on business environment analysis, market research, competitive analysis and customer experience.

Renata Fontana

Marketing Strategist

Renata Fontana started her career as a trainee at Globo – the Brazilian television network – which was followed by 8 years at The Walt Disney Company in the USA and in Europe as a Creative Brand Manager.

In 2005 she took her MBA studies at the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. She worked in the luxury market in Europe as a branding consultant for brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo and the Bvlgari Hotel.

In 2008 she returned to Brazil and joined the Ibmec Educational Group where she served as Director of Marketing and Communication for Turner International Brazil and since then she has been working alongside national and international start-ups in various segments developing and implementing strategies that encompass Marketing and Communication to achieve results of reputation, sales, traction among others.


Organizational Culture
Process Mapping and Redesign
Corporate, functional and sector analysis
Business modeling and strategies
Mapping and Deployment of Strategic Goals

Customer & User Experience
Customer Journey
Market Intelligence
Performance Metrics
Integrated Communication
Structuring of Marketing, Communication, Relationships and Market Intelligence áreas

Business Intelligence
Market Opinions
Relationship and Commercial Representation
Access Strategies
Operational Solutions and Access Strategies
Operational and Strategic Solutions for Services
Business Valuations
M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Financial Economic Diagnosis
Operational efficiency
Value Generation Levers
Financial Planning
Business Indicators




At MF, we select a multi disciplinary team for each project, with professionals who bring this new look. And so, we seek new solutions, not solutions to old problems.

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